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I am a self titled "professional mess picker upper". Becoming the mother of the two, mommy titled "mess makers" was not an easy road. I've been thru the struggle of infertility, and ended up with the two most amazing children thru the miracle of adoption.

I have lived in times of amazing joy, and times of amazing pain and I believe that no matter what happens in life, I want learn and grow from it. I have been a successful career woman but what I treasure most, is my title as a "stay at home mom". (Not to mention co-Earth Monkey company president...that sounds important!)

I love my God, my husband, and my children (not always in that order) and if I have to watch one more person fill up 15 plastic bags in the grocery store, I may just go ape all over them! I am fanatic about keeping my family healthy (only sweet potato fries here...not judging) and I'd love to see an end to needless waste and crazy excess...

If you like to learn, but don't take life very seriously, we will get along just fine...I will never be stagnant, mentally or, Ready, Set, Go!!!

Have you tried Pinterest? I like to get people hooked... it's kinda my thing...

I drive a 2002 Honda Odyssey with McDonalds' french fries (much to Gena's dismay) ground into the seats and the fragrant aroma of spoiled chocolate soy milk in the carpet.

Our family is walking chaos... with three boys 5, 3, and 2, we are never far from disaster striking which usually manifests in forms like pooping from one end of the kitchen to the other or attempted shankings with broken toys.

The past couple of years have been the most challenging of my life. We have faced disaster in almost every aspect, from a failing consulting business (note to self, don't quite job and start new business in a new field with no experience in a down economy) to our older two sons being diagnosed with autism. [Update... however we were recently chosen to receive a home from ABC's Extremem Makeover Home Edition... so I'm thinking those years of struggle were worth it:):)]

Autism can be lonely and so many days we just can't even leave the house, so I am excited to help build a community of love and support with other moms. Being a mom is hard... with or without special needs kids! It's time for us to join together... stop judging each other, stop pretending we have it all together and just be free to be who God made us to be. I am so excited to start this journey with you!

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Meet Our Regular Friday Contributors at EMM...

Maria Alexandra...was born in Lima, Peru. When she was sixteen she moved to Central Point, Oregon. A few years after graduating high school she met, fell in love with and married her husband. Together they have two very active girls. The ability to express her vision though the lens has been both enlightening and satisfying. With no extra time to take photography classes, she had to learn everything on her own. Balancing this with her role as mother and wife was difficult , but the hard work resulted in the evolution of her own unique style.

Alex is inspired by the beauty each individual has, by the innocence and happiness of every child, and by the love each couple feels for one another. She cherishes capturing those special moments and the ability to create a treasure for her clients to keep forever. She is also grateful to all who have always supported and believed in her. Aside from her family and friends, photography has been the most rewarding thing in her life.
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Cindy... I am the official EMG, AKA: Earth Monkey G-ma. I've earned this title more by default than performance. I am a 55 year old mother of 5 and gramma to 9 and my greatest achievements are my kids. We are a blended family kind of like the Brady Bunch... if you can picture the Brady's with knives. While I'm far too quick with unsolicited advice, I'm a fairly good example of "Do as I say, not as I did."
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Emilie... is a mom of three boys. She is the founder of both Jackson County Parent to Parent and Families For Community, non-profits that exist to equip parents who have children who experience disability to be the very best advocates for their kiddos that they can be. She began her advocacy work both locally and at a state level in 2007, when her youngest, Parker, was diagnosed with autism. She is immensely passionate about empowering and equipping families experiencing disabilities. She is also a consultant for thirty-one, a company that sells super cute purses, and organizing accessories.
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Jamie's husband and three kids are the most amazing influences in her life - they are her rock, and make her laugh everyday!

Creating! This one word shapes up a life that has been shaped by designing, drawing and crafting. Jamie discovered a love for fashion and the freedom of expression that the City offers when she moved to Southern California after graduating high school. Thinking that "designing" in itself wasn't a realistic career goal, she tried out various fields of work, but always felt unfulfilled. Her daydreams about designing turned into reality when she couldn't find what she was looking for in stores and started making jewelry for herself, and her family and friends. Jamie began creating jewelry in the evenings and selling pieces to boutiques to make a little extra money. Her dream came true when she took a leap of faith and started designing full time. It was the best thing she has ever done for herself.

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Kim... is a married mother of three very "active" children. She manages an Italian restaurant and in one of the original "Saucy Sisters". Saucy Sisters is a sauce and salad dressing company that produces fresh sauces with bold flavors. Striving to make the home cook look like a genius, the Saucy Sisters will take your kitchen to a whole new level!
[Editor's Note: Saucy Sisters creamy pesto is my drug of choice... just sayin]
You Can find Saucy Sisters products at:
Redrock Italian Eatery
The Rogue Valley Growers Market
(during Market season)
Soon in a grocery store near you!
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Katie... was raised in northern California to a Jesus-loving family. God was ever present in her family from the way her parents loved her to the miracles she saw daily. She witnessed her crippled father walk and dance again, and her mother's barren womb healed after thriteen years. At home she helped raise her little sisters, and in the church she was encouraged as a worship leader. She married her college sweetheart, and together they continue in youth ministry. Last year they left her hometown and moved with their two daughters to Southern Oregon to start a young adult ministry at Table Rock Fellowship. They are finally living their dreams of he being a youth pastor and and her, a worship leader; however, the best part of her life is being a wife to her man and a mommy to her daughters. It has taken them seven long years to get to this point , and she had to say goodbye to her beloved mother this year as she lost her short battle with cancer, she can honestly say with all certainty that the melody of her life is that of God's unfathomable love and never-changing faithfulness.
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Shauna... is a stay at home mom of two girls, she's the author of the "Waypoint" book series, and her personal blog"Breathe, Smile, Pray...Repeat." Her girls keep her on her toes, and have been the inspiration for many blog posts, here and on BSPR. She's just an ordinary mom trying to master the most natural job in the world.

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Jami... is a mom to teenaged quadruplets and wife to her best friend, her knight in dented armor. Her "almost 15" year old crew consists of one girly tomboy and 3 strapping young men, one who was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in 7th grade. With kids now in high school [the same school she and her hubby shared a locker in!], keeping up with everyone keeps her busy as a stay at home mom. Being "on call" for the lanky, bright, and fiesty son has kept her from rejoining the paid work force as of yet. Her passion for God/teens/sports is a perfect combination for her position as a Fellowship of Christian Athletes weekly Huddle Leader.
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Mindy... is the mother of two children, a wife and creator of all that is beautiful~along with her business of making any piece of unloved furniture amazing, she inspires others to try their hand at adding character to their own homes. Her blog "Pretty in Paint" is a fun and inspiring look into her world. You can also find her on facebook at

Delores... has been a single mom of 8 kids since 1998, when her marriage of 22 years ended. Since that time, she has completed a Masters in Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education and began working with Child Development Services in Medford, Oregon in September of 2000. Her message is one of optimism, hope, and tenacity. She tries to be easy on herself, and not take things too seriously, and so humor is the vehicle she rides every day through life. She is currently working on planning the "Next Best Thing" in her life.... hoping to develop her own blog and pursue professional speaking. Visit Delores at her new blog:

Britny... is a Mommy of 2, wife to 1 and lover of God. Her days are filled with homeschooling her monkeys, making a home on a budget and bringing joy to mankind in the form of sweet treats! She owns a small boutique bakery, Brit’s Bakes, which gives her a fun and creative outlet from Mommyland. A self-proclaimed “foodie” she enjoys reading food blogs, cook books and searching for the best local eats. She is also an occasional runner (which is necessary when there is so much good food in the world) and enjoys setting goals and running road races. When not covered in flour and drowning in laundry, multiplication tables and coupon will find her sipping on a vanilla latte with her BFF, who also happens to be her husband of (almost) 11 years. You can Find Brit's Bakes on Facebook at
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