Friday, February 8, 2013

EMM's TOP PICK: Best Cleaning Pins on Pinterest

OK for as much as Gena and I love each other we almost couldn't be more opposite in so many ways. One area would be the state of our houses on any given day. She's neat and clean and organized... hmm hmm let's just say I'm not and leave it at that. One day a few years ago I went to her house and she was giddy as I walked through the door... Trying to prove that she could in fact be un-tidy at times, she said, "LOOK! I have a pile of laundry on my couch." I looked over to see like 4 shirts fresh out of the dryer that were sure to be folded before the wrinkles set in. Let's get one thing straight... it's not a "pile" of laundry until it's been on your couch for three days and your kids have sat and eaten on top of it... that's what we call a pile at my house. Anyhoo... I try not to hold Gena's constantly clean house against her too much since I love her so much:) ahahhahaha...

What's my point??? The girl's got some great cleaning pins on Pinterest!! And I too, while I don't choose to implement all of them regularly, have pinned some amazing DIY home cleaning solutions. So here's a list of our faves... that we've either tested and loved or want to test and love! Whether you're like June Cleaver Gena or Peg Bundy me, this list will inspire you to get a jump on the urban myth called  Spring Cleaning!

Our Fave Cleaning Pins:
Cleaning Carpet with Vinegar, Water and an Iron... Gena's Test and it works!

Amazing Air Freshener... Mama likes... why clean when you can just mask the smell of boys??

Gena's in the process of making this... I asked her If I could use the rotten oranges sitting on my counter?? Maybe not:)
Source: via Silver Nest on Pinterest

Haven't tried this but it look grrrrrrreat!!

THIS SOOOOOO WORKS!! Love it!!! Used it for our carpet and mattresses... and BAM!

Haven't tried but wanna!

This should be in the parenting bible...

I had to heat this up to really get it to work but wowsa... it totally worked!

So there they are... our top 8 cleaning tips and tricks... let's not stop this cleaning train though! Share your favorite cleaning pins with us!!!

New To The Blog?

Just in case you're new around here I thought I'd introduce myself.... I'm the scattered crazy Earth Monkey Mom Lindsay:) And these are my wonder boys. My Hubbs and I have been married for 12 years and crazy has become our love language. My kids never have clean faces, my house is usually a mess and I always have 3-15 loads of unfolded laundry sitting on my couch. My family received anExtreme Home Makeover about a year ago and it's crazier than ever here! I post once a week here on EMM and also over on my person blog: The Fearless Experiment. We're glad you're here and we hope you'll stick around! More than anything we want you to know that none of us have it all together... and wether your kids are 40 or 4 you're not alone in your journey through motherhood!
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