Monday, July 16, 2012

How to make a simple burlap banner {with Mindy: pretty in paint}

 I usually start surfing the blogs at this time of year, looking for easy projects to do with my kids,ones that look good hanging through thanksgiving. I do love the projects that come home from school, but lets be honest... the glued feathers and pine cones to paper plates usually fall off and start looking shabby a few weeks in. :) (not that I don't LOVE them)

I have seen a lot of 
burlap banners and 
I have fallen in love with them!
 The great thing about this project is you can customize the banners to be your own easily! You can make any word, or name.. you can embellish them or leave them simple. 
Here are a couple that I love!!

What you will need: (I know...can you believe this is all???)
~1/2 yard of burlap- you can get this at Joane's fabric for around 3 dollars a yard!

~any color of neutral craft paint and foam brush

~black sharpie (Lindsay will have to buy a new one since these are stricken from her new home!) ;)

~Jute or black ribbon

~glue gun

Cut the burlap into triangles any size you want, 
I cut them into about 7" tall and about 3" wide triangles

 Get your craft paint and wipe on the paint in a triangle shape in the middle of the burlap with your foam brush.  I used a tan color....this is so you can use a marker on it without bleeding on the burlap. 
Let it dry for about 15 minutes..
I chose to use the word "Fall" so I could use it through Halloween and Thanksgiving...I free handed the letters on each banner;  I did use a pencil first to make sure they all were the same size, then I just filled them in with the black sharpie. (you can free hand it) my kids just told me my 'L"looks upside down.. but I left it anyway!

When all the letters are done, you can roll out your jute or ribbon and then place your letters about 12" apart, with the letters facing the table, fold the upper part of the banner around the jute or ribbon and glue it down like sealing an envelope. (editors note...don't glue your fingers into the fold like I would do!) 
After each one is dry, hang it so all of your friends can ohhh and ahhh in jealousy!!

You can make these for your kids rooms with their names, or for birthdays, holidays, or even weddings!.. so fun and easy!

Mindy is giving away a Joannes Fabric gift card for $10 for one lucky Earth monkey mom reader so you can buy the supplies to make this project!!   It's simple to enter...1) "like" her  Pretty in Paint FB page, "like" Earth Monkeys FB page (if you don't already)  and leave a comment below that you did, and one lucky random reader will be chosen to win!!!

Happy crafting!

For those of you that don't know Mindy...  she is the mother of two children, a wife and creator of all that is beautiful~along with her business of making any piece of unloved furniture amazing, she inspires others to try their hand at adding character to their own homes. Her blog "Pretty in Paint" is a fun and inspiring look into her world. You can also find her on facebook at

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