Monday, February 13, 2012

How do you say "Thank You" to the woman who gave your child life???...a letter to our children's birth moms...Gena

     Have you ever wondered how you would thank someone that donated 
precious blood that saved your life?  
Would there be enough gratitude to pour out to a heart donors family 
if you were the one that received it because of their loss?  
Is it possible to sufficiently thank another woman who gave your child her very life??

often find myself  in a place of total inadequacy  in trying to find the words for my children's birth mothers to thank them enough. (and I think my daughters birth mom would wish I would stop trying ;) )

I look into my children's eyes and although I do not see a reflection of mine looking back, I am overwhelmed by the complete love and unspeakable fasciation.  I marvel that God would love me enough to allow me the title of "mommy" that was not physically earned but given to me only because of two beautiful women and their ultimate sacrifices.

To my children's birthmothers,
      I will never forget the look on your face when you brought our child into this world and I will never question your love for him/her.  I know your love was complete the moment you looked into that beautiful face even though in your heart you knew it was temporary.
     I will never forget the pain of leaving you in your home and driving away with our new little family.  My heart broke into a million pieces as I cried for you,  tears of sadness from the depths of my being.  I often think of what I could do or say that could possibly make up for the pain you had to feel, but somehow, all words falls completely short.
     I have never known there existed any person so unselfish as one who would completely lay aside their own life for the sake of another.   A birth mother who willingly gives her child to another purely for the sake of the child is the closest example of  Jesus laying down His life for us, that is humanly possible.
     You motivate me daily to be the best mother that I can possibly be.  Your sacrifice inspires me to give my life to my children and to do my very best for them everyday.  To love them, hold them, treasure them and to adore them enough for us both.
     My child loves you and knows where he/she came from.  You are a hero in our home.  You are respected, reviewed, and prayed for.  You are an angel to us.
      I have moments when I have wished that my children came from my body, and I that I could fully be the only mother they will ever need.  But I know that someday they will have questions.  They will need you.  They will need to look into the eyes of the one that gave them life and ask "why".  You may have an answer, you may not...but the one thing that you will confirm is the one reason that they already know...
"because I loved you"


Thank you for loving your child enough to give them life.  We love them with every fiber of our beings.  They have so much family that treasures them and so much life ahead of them.  I hope that knowing that makes up for the fact that there are no words in existence to say "thank you" for your gift.

To all of the birth mothers, and to the parents that have adopted...blessings to your sweet families that were brought together in probably a crazy way ;)...but built on tons of love!!!  I would love to hear your stories!!!
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