Friday, November 18, 2011

Pinterest... it's like crack... online

Ahhh Pinterest... I swore I would NEVER be a fan... I didn't understand it at first and then once I understood it I thought it was useless and a complete waste of time. UNTIL... dah dah dah... one day I sat down and didn't feel like working and my house was a mess but we all know I didn't feel like cleaning either. So I logged on... and 1.2 nano seconds later I was hooked. No longer could I pass my computer or my phone without getting sucked in to finding the perfect 50s housewife saying taking a quick peak to see what new pins might be calling my name. In the tub, cooking dinner, at a stop light, picking up my son from school... are all now 1000% occupied by pinning! Everything from nasty crocheted man shorts to chubby 10 year olds with mullets end up on my boards. Sometimes I go straight from pinning the workout and body I want to have, to finding a creamy, cheesy, full of butter Paula Dean bacon potato dish.  There's just so much AND really, I can actually justify spending my brain dead time this way because... hey there's tons of crafts and DIY's and great recipes for the family... I'm sure I'll even do one someday...maybe... hey, it could happen!

If you're reading today thinking... wait, is this the same woman who just wrote about being present with her family last week?? Let me just say 1) Un-wad your undies... I still love my children and they have not become orphans to this site yet AND 2) I have set up a fool proof safeguard to ensure my kids don't set the house on fire whilst I'm elbow deep in pictures of 17 pairs of dreamy boots and jeans combos... here it is... I can only hit {SEE MORE PINS} 2x's in any given pinning session .... I may or may not go very slow to make sure I see every last pin as I get closer to the bottom... but darn it I have vowed that my kids won't become tragic victims of their mother's crazy addiction!

So without further ado... adu... adoo... crap, I have no clue how to spell that! Anyhoo... here are my favorite pins for the week!

{Funny Shtuff} this made me laugh out loud in the Dr's office... sitting by myself... 

{Cute Hair} I may or may not have attempted this...

{Cool Stufff!} Ummm of course, is there anything cooler?? I mean really!

{My Style} and favorite category... a girl can dream right?

{For The Home} The caption on this says... I don't have a dog but I have a 4 year old... AMEN!

{FOOOOD!} OK I lied I think this is my favorite category!

{Keeping my monkeys occupied and out of trouble} who doesn't love a nice explosion?

{Christmas} ANNND possibly next week's blog post....

{LIFE} because I am... and so are you...

{How To's} I think even the Anti Martha I can do this one!

Yup... those are my faves... for this week anyway! Wanna win an E.M. T-shirt??? Leave a link to your #1 pin of the week in the comments... and I will choose one random winner at some point this weekend... unless i get busy pinning and forget.. Pin On Ladies!

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