Friday, August 19, 2011

{FAMILY DIY} Photogs of the Next Generation!

Juggling work, the house, kids, etc can be challenging at times. Who am I kidding ? It is challenging all the time. Even before I worked, I found it very difficult to spend enough time attending to everything and everyone's needs. Fortunately by now I have learned when it is time to put everything away and spend some quality time with my monkeys.

If you are like me and love to spend time with your little ones, but don't necessarily like to play polly pockets or trucks for two hours. This is a super easy and fun project for you to do with them. The best part is that is a great way to stimulate their creative side. Also if you have a few little couch potatoes that have watched one too many looney toon episodes, or little video gamers that have been attached to the virtual world ... it can be wonderful to promote more outdoor play. They can go exploring outside and take pictures of their favorite flowers, critters, or friends :) You never know you could have a future photographer extraordinaire in the fam :)

Colored paper
Two empty granola boxes or gummy boxes
A disposable camera:
A plastic or canning tin lid
Glue gun

{1} Place the camera inside granola box (make sure the camera is scooted all the way to the left of the box and that it is tightly touching the left and the top of box. )

{2} Cut box number 2 lengthwise so that it fits as a stand for the camera inside box number 1 where the camera is in ( make sure that it is tight so camera has no room to move in there )

{3} Fill box number 2 that is being used as a stand with something like paper towels so that the camera is more secure and tight ( I did not need to with mine)

{4} Cut holes in the box for the view finder, flash, etc in the back and front.

{5} With the tape seal the box making sure the camera is very secure.

{6} Wrap the whole thing with the colored paper.

{7} Cut holes in the papers where the view finder, flash etc are.

{8} Glue the plastic or tin lid with a glue gun as a nice prime lens ;)

{9} Decorate to taste by cutting papers in cool shapes and gluing them on. You can have your kids use some of their stickers too.

{10} Send the kids outside and put them to work !!

The kids will be so excited for you to take them to get the pictures developed so don't make your monkeys wait to long or they will go bananas ;)

To prevent serious injuries or hearing " MOM !! Sister is not letting me have a turn ..." ;) make as many cameras as you have kids ;) Have fun !!

Alex... was born in Lima, Peru. When she was sixteen when she moved to Central Point, Oregon. A few years after graduating high school she met, fell in love with and married her husband. Together they have two very active girls. She is an amazingly creative photographer, and we are excited to have her share her "brilliance" with us!!
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