Friday, February 25, 2011

EMM's Mom of the Month... With Giveaways Galore!!

From moms who feed the homeless on the weekend like Kim from Saucy Sisters, to raising 8 kids as a single mom... like our friend and guest blogger Delores, Earth Monkeys has been blessed to know some truly amazing moms. It seems like sometimes in our chaos we forget to thank and recognize people/women/moms who do out standing things... Well no more. Once a month we want to recognize a mom who has gone above and beyond the crazy call of motherhood and reached out to help others in her community... There are so many moms who simply amaze me, It's honestly all I can do just to survive with my three monkeys, and while I wish I could volunteer more and help others in my community sometimes it feels impossible. We thought a great way to end a week of "MOTY Moments" would be to recognize a mom (who has actually posted a flippen hilarious MOTY moment on Monday's post BTW) for all of her efforts outside of the home. Our first Earth Monkey Mom of the Month is a mom who's helped hundreds of families while raising three boys of her own... one of which experiences autism... Some of you have met her before here on EMM... Emilie Sampson!

I met Emilie almost 5 years ago... She's taught me how to fight and be an advocate for my boys even when it feels hopeless. But I'm not the only one she's been there for, she's started (and currently runs) two non-profits, Parent to Parent and Families for Community, that serve families with kids who experience disability. She also moonlights with Sparrow Clubs (another children's charity her husband runs) and in her spare time ahahahahaha she sells "Thirty-One"... She encourages and empowers so many ... we wanted to take this opportunity to give a little sumpin sumpin back to her. And all that we got is this here not so fancy blog... hehe... poor girl:) Anywhooo Emilie wrote a post thinking we were hosting a blog party for 31... and that's just what we're going to do! We love you Em and we appreciate your heart and passion for serving the overlooked in your community!!


Hello, my name is Emilie and I am a purse and bag addict. And not just bags, but wallets and totes as well. It is not healthy. But last summer I found a company that changed my life (or something slightly less dramatic). It is called Thirty-One and it was filled with product that I could stand behind and get excited about! The company was founded by Cindy Monroe on the belief that we are all put here on this earth for a reason, and that each of us has a unique purpose. Her concept is that each of these products will help to make your life easier and more positive, and that each of them has several purposes. (Amen, sister!)

Our faithful EMM leaders, Linz and Gena asked me to introduce you to Thirty-One and so I tried to think of the best way to do that. First I thought, I would invite you all to one of their houses…but I still wanted them to love me. ;) So since I can’t have you all over, I decided what is better than a blog party - COMPLETE WITH PRIZES.

So grab your beverage of choice and shop with me for purses and bags, which have never yet been puked or peed on.

Let me introduce you to a few of my favorites:

This is HANDS DOWN my MOST POPULAR ITEM. Perfect for the mom on the run, with monkeys in her arms. This wallet has a large pocket on the opposite side, perfectly sized for my iPhone. Just clip my keys on the strap and I can run into the store hands free! LOVE IT!

If I had another baby, this would be my diaper bag of choice. I love pockets. I am of the belief that the more pockets, the more organized I can be (wishful thinking perhaps). This Organizing Utility Tote comes in 8 different prints and has 5 outside pockets and one pocket on each side. Even though I am passed the “diaper bag” stage, I am still in the “I-carry-a-lot-of-junk-for-a-day-out-with-the-boys” stage, and this is my go to bag. Sippy cups, water bottles, or sunscreen fit perfectly in the outer pockets and make me look WAY more organized than I really am.

I am in LOVE with this purse. Fashion forward, yet totally functional for the mom who needs both hands available when out and about. What this picture doesn’t show you is that the bottom unzips (with the coordinating fabric) to expand.

So, this is how this will work:

Check out the catalog and tell me what your favorite item is, and you will be entered to win a ZIPPER POUCH in ONYX MEDALLION
Place an order on the EMM party HERE (or message me with your order) and you will be entered to win a THERMAL TOTE in FLORAL CELEBRATION
{click “Direct Ship” and have the products sent directly to you}

The EMM BLOG PARTY will close FRIDAY, MARCH 4th at midnight and the winners will be chosen then!


If you want to nominate a mom doing something great in her community for next month's feature, please e-mail me at!! We would love to help you say thanks!!

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Secret Mommy said...

What adorable stuff! The wristlet wallet seems super awesome, but the market thermal tote in circles is soooooo cute! I think my boys would LOVE for me to pack our spring/summer picnics in that nice big bag! Might have to get it... :)

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